Hashem Christian Worship Center
6841 Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19138
Walter T. Arthur Sr., Pastor

Mission Statement

To proactively seek after those without Christ involving personal interaction, available divine gifts, talents, abilities of our church, along with electronic and communicational media resources

To transform new members and new believers into mature, committed, serving Christians, using every ministry and resource at our disposal including (but not limited to), mentoring, Bible Study, focus study groups (youth, singles, married, etc), prayer, retreats, one-on-ones, etc.

To have a church body that is both multi-ethnic and multi-cultural; to be equipped to meet the spiritual, personal, and worship needs of a diverse congregation through the utilization and integration of diversity within our staff and ministries.

To have comprehensive and effective ministries to develop youths starting from the cradle focused on developing committed, victorious, Christian young people.

To be a church comprised of at least 50% men who have no problem serving, worshiping, and sharing Jesus to a darkened society.

To have a spiritual, energetic, Christ-centered music ministry having full instrumentation, choirs categorized by music genre, and teams of evangelism focused para-church music teams of diverse backgrounds a bd ministry thrusts.

To have a pastoral, economic, and social resource center to provide and recommend holistic help and support for members of the church body and surrounding community

To provide prayer, economic, and participant support to established Christ centered local, national, and international missions and missionaries.